How to Extract Email Address Using Google Dork

Hey Grown folks, in this tutorial we are going to talk about “How you can get targeted email list using some tricks” with help of Google dork. I’ll post some tools later that automate this guide


Lets take a walk!!

To do this, you just need your internet and some brain to accomplish this guide….


Head over to google and type the following “Lite 1.4” or click the link below to automate this.

Click here

head over to google and type any of the following dorks:
intext:”” barber
intext:”” barber state
intext:”” barber country
Barber “” Alabama
Note: Barber is where you’ll type your keyword and Alabama is where you’ll add your targeted country or state

You’ll get lot’s of results when you’ve type any of that correctly.


Use “CTRL a” to color that and “CTRL c” to copy them all and paste it over this site

Click here

Do this again and again until y
ou have enough results then you can paste them into notepad for clean up.



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