What is SMS Gateway?

Using an SMS Gateway, a computer can communicate with an SMS-capable device via the global telecommunications network to send and receive SMS text messages (normally to a mobile phone). The SMS Gateway interprets the given message and adapts it for network delivery so that the recipient can receive it.
Users can send SMS messages from a web browser to people cell phone that the SMS gateway serves by using a website known as an SMS gateway. For customers who have roaming capabilities, an SMS gateway can also act as an international gateway, enabling SMS communication outside of the home network.
Note: Using an android handset with a sim card, it is possible to send large amounts of SMS for SMS marketing or SMS spamming.

How To Get Started?

Hosting and Domain:

if you host it in a free hosting then your gateway wont be strong. To make it strong I recommend to purchase a domain and make sure it have a good reputation. Buy a domain and a hosting (Cpanel) for strong delivery and reputation.

How To Setup SMS Gateway?

  • firstly download the SMS gateway script at this post end
Create Subdomain in your cPanel
  • Now open login to your cPanel and open file manager.
  • Now select the subdomain you created or Open public_html folder.


  • Now click on Upload.


  • Now click on select and select your file. An here upload the SMS gateway zip that you downloaded.
  • Now wait till uploaded.


  • after that move back to the file manager and hit the refresh button.
  • Now the file should be inside public_htm or your subdomain. and click on extract.


  • Wait till extraction complete
Now you will find extracted folder inside it. And now you can open your website or domain.
  • now head over to MySQL Databases.
  • create a new database name with whatever you like
  • Also create a new user Account. Remember to write them down because you’ll need it later.
  • Now you need to add your user to the database.


  • Now head over to your website. and click next
  • Now add a name for your account and add your email an Password.


  • Input the database server name and database name and password you created ealier
To create a firebase key go to https://firebase.google.com
And click on Get started.
  • click on create a new project.
  • Input anything you want there and click on continue
Click on continue and continue till you arrive here


  • Now click on cloud messaging tab and copy firebase sender id and server key. Incase you can’t find any, watch the video below to guide you on that.

Now Add firebase server key in SMS gateway setup and paste sender id too.

  • Now in envato purchase code enter 




  • Then Click on install


Installation went successfully well

You have to wait 50 econds.

Click on Download Button After Time is Over

Link to the apk to use

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  1. Hello sir thanks for script n tutorial I have installed and it works fine by send sms with generated apikey .. but it can't be integrated with busy accounting software .. I'll be very thankful if you guide me about this topic

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