You must be looking for an easy way to extract targeted phone numbers?

Search no further and try this easy method…


I have been rocking this method for sometimes now..


Tho it’s not the best method but it can give you what you really want to target.

Getting targeted phone numbers helps you get results in your marketing journey. Lot’s of us been buying phone number list but we’ve not been getting enough results as we expected.

SMS marketing is the most converting way to get good results

Let’s do it without wasting much time.


Head over to google and type the following


  • phone number keyword:”type keyword” state name
  • “keyword” “call us” State name
  • “keyword” “phone” State


You’ll get lot’s of results when you’ve type any of that correctly.


Use CTRL a to color that and CTRL c to copy them all and paste it over this site

Click here

Do this again and again until you have enough results then you can paste them into notepad for clean up.

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