Are you struggling with a means to send at least 500 emails a day to your potentials customers, or you struggling with a means to spam but SMTP had failed you? 

Look no further because Gmail App Smtp works with some little bit of a method to make it hit inbox rather than spam.
Without wasting much of your time with explanations
  • Login to your Gmail account ( Old accounts Works Just Fine )
  • Move your Mouse and Click on your Google Account Setting Page
  • Move your Mouse to Security in the left-side bar-Menu and Click on It
  • In your security settings, Find the section Called ‘Signing in to Google’
  • Enable 2-Steps Verification (Google voice works on this)
  • Move your Mouse to ‘App passwords’ and Click on it to generate a new password

  • It’ll redirect you to login page, login using the email address that you are using for your target inbox.
  • Once the ‘App passwords’ page loads, click on the drop-down menu’s and select ‘Mail’ as the App and ‘Other (Custom name)’ as the anything.
  • Name your custom device ‘Smtp or anything,’ then Move your Mouse and click the ‘Generate’ button, A new app password will be generated. Copy this password and save

Now you can use it on your sender or WordPress or even mailer…
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Here are the smtp setting guides

  • Host:
  • Port: 587
  • Username: your email
  • Password: Your Generated Password
you can also Follow our video to guide you

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