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What is Payroll?: Payroll is the procedure for paying employees of a firm, to put it simply.
It entails gathering the list of employees who need to be paid, keeping track of the hours worked, figuring out each employee’s compensation, promptly disbursing the payment, and monitoring payroll costs.

What is Payroll Scam?

Using a bogus email account that looks to belong to someone within the same firm, a scammer emails a payroll staffer.
An employee’s direct deposit routing information will need to be modified, according to the email. The email’s body will probably be brief and to the point, but not obvious.
Watch the video below to see how everything is done.

The Payroll Manager would update the information to the scammer bank information and when it’s time for the normal employee payments and weekly wages, the scammer gets all this payments until the employee complains and then his or her real bank information’s get updated.
We have compiled and put complete formats for getting started with payroll.

Also note that you’d need webmail to get started in this payroll of a thing, so we’ve made a free guide to help you get started.

First you need to good here and make account Click here to make account watch the video below for complete guide. while making the account, use the link this code to get a discounts also UPTEAMS
So after making the accounts and adding a card details and everything. go ahead and make payments to be able to buy the webmail…
watch the video below to make webmail

After making the account, you’re good to go then use the formats below to start messaging the payroll managers.

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