Typically, Google will request a phone number verification when you open a new Gmail account.

Previously, this could be skipped, but Google now requires it.

You might not want Google to have your phone number, though.

That kind of information is, after all, delicate.

What would happen if your phone number was compromised by Google?

To keep it to yourself is reasonable.

You should then look for an other method of opening a Gmail account that doesn’t require your phone number. Thankfully, there are a few ways to get around Gmail’s phone number prerequisite.

Therefore, if for some reason you don’t want to give Google your phone number, you can utilise one of these alternatives. How to sign up for a Gmail account without being verified

You may create a Gmail account without phone verification in a few different methods. Using the Gmail app is one of the easiest methods to accomplish this. Why? Because you may always choose not to provide a phone number for verification when signing up. You might also provide 15 as your age as an option. Gmail will believe you don’t have a phone number because of this. On an Android or iPhone, create a Gmail account.

You may create a new Gmail account via the Settings app on an iPhone or an Android smartphone. Bypassing the phone number entry step is how to do it. You must perform the following: Utilize the app menu to access the Settings app.

Depending on your system version, find Accounts/Clouds & Accounts.

Click Accounts.

  • At the bottom of the list, select Add Account.
  • Go to the list and choose Google. It will launch a new Google tab.
  • At the bottom of the screen, on the left, click Create account.
  • Press the Next button after entering your first and last names.
  • Tap Next once more after entering your birthdate and gender.
  • Choose a fresh Gmail address or type in your own.
  • the password you chose.
  • You will be prompted by Google to add a phone number.

To skip this step, click Skip, and then click More Options. You can choose to enter a phone number if you choose the later option.

“No, don’t add my phone number” should be pressed.

Google will advise you to check your account information. Select Next.

Recognize the terms of service.

All done. There is nothing further that needs to be entered. You won’t need to provide a phone number for verification if you use your new email. Make your age 15

Another approach on “How To Make Unlimited Gmail Account Without Phone Number verification” requirement is to pretend to be underage. Google will assume you still lack a smartphone if you are 15 years old or younger. The simplicity of this approach is its strongest feature. You only need to change the birth year. Here’s how to go about it: Activate your browser. Navigate to Gmail. At the bottom of your screen, select the Create account option. Choose either “For Business” or “For Me.” Enter a new email address and your account information. Click Next. Decide on a birth year when you are 15 or younger. You must set it to 2007+ if the year is 2022.

Leave the phone bar unfilled.

The terms and conditions are accepted.

Keep your age below 18 if you wish to use this method, else Google might eventually ask for your phone number. Also, if you’re going to add a security feature, such as another e-mail, create a second e-mail where you’re under 15 and use that instead. Important: If you sign out of all other Gmail accounts before using this approach, it will only function. If you don’t, Gmail won’t ask because it will assume your birthday is the same as prior emails and won’t ask. using a phony number

Utilizing a dummy number is an additional choice. You can authenticate your accounts using your cellphone number through that online service. Instead of using your personal number, you can use one of the dummy ones from these websites. If you choose this option, Gmail will send a verification key to the fictitious number, which you can read and input.

There are a few websites that provide phony numbers: SMS Verification for Free

You cannot use the same number more than once. Sellaite Receive SMS Now On Verify SMS Receive Free Therefore, if you set your phone number as your only recovery option and you forget your password, your email account may be permanently deleted. Can I have more than one Gmail account with the same phone number?

Absolutely. If you register with a legitimate phone number, you can do so more than once to create several Gmail accounts. However, since you can only use dummy numbers once, you will need to use real numbers if you want to utilize the same number on multiple accounts. A second choice is to create numerous accounts under the age of 15 and update your birthday over time. Why update it? Even while Gmail typically doesn’t ask for your phone number once you’re 18, their terms of service are susceptible to alteration.

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